Communication Shutdown at the NYC Loft Board of Amazonian Proportion?

One threatened Williamsburg Loft in a bulding the owner claims is too dangerous to allow for residential occupancy. One can only wonder why this owner allowed his agent (the overtenant) to give the entire flat a cosmetic facelift just prior to passage of the 2010 Loft Law. Indeed, this owner, upon visiting this unit as painters were busy painting engaged in cordial conversation with the prime lessee of the unit and seemed quite happy with the work being performed.

Recent news of secret negotiations between New York City and corporate behemoth Amazon lead at least one inquiring mind to wonder if the New York City Loft Board’s seeming unwillingness until very recently to entertain Loft Tenant points of view may not be somehow related. “Cool” neighborhoods such as Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Bushwick also happen to be quite close to the new digs Amazon will be occupying in Long Island City. Just this morning a New York City Loft Tenant broached this topic with someone of similarly inquisitive nature…

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