about Party for the People

PARTY FOR THE PEOPLE (Art as a tool for Civic Engagement and Direct Action), a collaborative effort between projekt:nyc (connecting collectors, collaborators and creators) and boomjummy (imagination into action), is conceived of as a festive, even joyful, local + global cooperative enterprise of artists, intellectuals, tastemakers and others possessed of good will, purpose and intention. Even if we can’t change the entire world, we can, at least, do our parts to make our own tiny little corners of it better for ourselves, for those we care about, and maybe even for some folks we don’t know.

So far as that goes, if you live in a Loft or know someone who does, or just care about tenant rights in particular or openness, transparency and accountability in government in general please think about getting involved with  LOFT PROJECT: EYES ON NYC . Lofts are disproportionately inhabited by those who make art and other things that matter and there’s upwards of a billion dollar scandal brewing here in Gotham. Amongst other horribles, the New York City Loft Board changed the rules of the game midstream after all the cards had been dealt to many and now proposes to base new rules on those illegal rule changes. Quite probably over half of all those otherwise eligible to qualify for protection under the law have been ipso facto excluded from coverage. We are thinking some folks might have a thing or two to say about that.

Ideas on Approach in the age of the Infoplane.
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