About Loft Project :: Eyes on NYC

A New York City Loft Tenant at the Upstate/Downstate Alliance protest in Albany this past January.  Anecdotally speaking, NYC lofts are disproprtionately populated by people who make things: Artists, craftspeople, freelancers, film crew and many other manner of creator.

The broad based goal of Loft Project (Eyes on NYC) is to let the City of New York know that the eyes of its citizens and the eyes of the world are upon it. Swiss-cheese spin, nailed shut window “framing” and communication shutdown are unacceptable methods of dialogue between a city authority and its citizens.

The NYS Loft Law Has Been Broken

Art and other things that matter come from where those who make things are, and in New York City lofts are disproportionately inhabited by the creator class. Anyone who makes things that matter well understands that those things can break.

The Loft Law in NYC is broken, at least in part as a consequence of an illegal midstream rule change by the NYC Loft Board to implement wrong-headed Mayoral policies detrimental to Loft tenants. And the way that it has been broken matters quite a lot to thousands of New York City Loft tenants.

One of the policy changes implemented by the Loft Board, a change dating back to November of 2014, involves the retroactive institution of a primary residence requirement that almost certainly disqualifies over half of all otherwise eligible Loft Law applicants from the very start since hiding one’s home was very often a requisite for Loft tenants living in illegal spaces. As a consequence, a law that was designed to protect tenants has instead become a tool to endanger them.

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Our Short Term Goals

The short term goals of WORLDZIGHT :: LOFT PROJECT (Eyes on NYC), Party for the People’s pilot project, are three-fold:

  1. HELP FIX THE LOFT BOARD RULES by holding those revising the rules accountable for their actions.
  2. HIGHLIGHT PAST INJUSTICES perpetrated upon the Loft Tenant community in such a manner that reopening the Loft Law window application period ASAP becomes a moral imperative for the New York State Legislature.
  3. PREVENT EVICTIONS of those unjustly facing hardship and dislocation from their homes.

People’s homes and LiveWork spaces are at stake. Moreover, as goes New York City’s threatened Loft Community, so too may well go Loft communities in East Bay, LA and elsewhere around the nation. The eyes of City Governments nationwide are upon us. Our eyes too should be on them.