About Worldzight

In a balkanized world of nationless states and trans-global megalithic corporations with little to no accountability, the institutions that have traditionally safeguarded the safety of the world’s populations have not kept pace with the changes wrought by the information explosion.

worldzight (observation changes the observed), a division of Party for the People, is an improvisational experiment in participatory action democracy, premised upon the idea of bringing together trans-global constituencies bound together by race, convergence of interest, commitment to a particular social issue, or any one of a number of shared connections to a given “cause” in a peaceful, non-obstructionist manner.

Worldzight believes that one-to-one or one-to-few outreach directed outward from the central point of conflict can work in tandem with judiciously selected micro-targeted “one to many” mass media outlets and direct action by incentivized constituencies to serve as a countervailing balance against increasingly dangerous Gilded Age economic policies that increase class separation via concentration of wealth and decrease meaningful communication across ideological divides via an increase in “echo chamber isolation.”. The goal is NOT revolution, but velvet-style change and transformation from within.

Worldzight utilizes a model for political discourse and direct action based on community theater-type means of communication transmission such as those that contributed to the peaceful downfall of the totalitarian state government in Czechoslovakia during the early 1990’s, an action referred to in popular culture as “The Velvet Revolution.”


Worldzight was born of improvisational necessity late in the afternoon on July 2nd, 2006, was inspired by “homeful” advocate Ana Crisan’s dogged determination to protect her friend Chris’ unjust eviction from his home of many, many years beneath Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway. 

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