The broad based goal of Loft Project (Eyes on NYC) is to let the City of New York know that the eyes of its citizens and the eyes of the world are upon it. Swiss-cheese spin, nailed shut window “framing” and communication shutdown are unacceptable methods of dialogue between a city authority and its citizens. The NYS…

Portrait: InJustice #1 (The Billion Dollar Loft Board – Part I)

Loft Tenants join in Solidarity with other tenants and the homeless at the Upstate/ Downstate Alliance Protest in Albany this past January of 2018.

aka “How the New York City Loft Board Staff all but repealed the Loft Law to effectively bestow upon Real Estate interests upwards of a Billion dollar handout (or more)”

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A pre-Thanksgiving Story for Marla Ruzicka

There was once a war and many people died. There was also much collateral damage. The people were the collateral. And everyone saw who bothered to look, but pretended they didn’t. But there was one girl, a shining, sprite pixie of a blond with an amber smile who DID notice. And DID something.